Why mobile data collection?
The reliance on paper-based data collection forms, and occasionally unstructured documents (journals. notepads, scraps of paper, etc.), creates room for errors, and omissions, which make data susceptible to compliance risks, and not to mention damage, or loss!

Whether conducting a large or small survey, or routine data collection for monitoring and evaluation, our award winning mobile data collection (MDC) platform offers, ease of setup, and intuitive form creation; you’ll be up and running in minutes!

Our platform is unique in the way it combines data collection with the ability to broadcast SMS and audio messaging, which beneficiaries are able to access on their own phones, as well as integrated text-to-speech available in 17 languages (with more being added each day!), which means that surveys can now be sent to semi-literate participants!

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Lagos Jan 15/16 Jan 22/23
11. The 2-day intensive training is comprised of the following modules

I - The Basics

  • Introduction to Results Based Management (RBM)
  • Review Results Based Management (RBM) / Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) specific jargon
  • Understand M&E Basic Principles
  • Introduction to Mobile Data Collection (MDC) / Remote monitoring

II - Beyond the Basics

III - Getting to Grips

  • Activity: Setting up user account, and creating an electronic form
  • Activity: Integrating Unique Identifier Code (UIC)
  • Preparing for field activity
  • Activity: Real-time MDC exercise using our award-winning platform
  • Data visualization, and dashboards

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Tea / Coffee break, and Lunch provided

20,000 Naira per individual
10% discount for groups of more than 5
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